How are Roseda Black Angus fed?
All Roseda cattle graze on grass. When they move to the feedlot, they’re fed a mixture of
chopped corn plants, corn kernels, alfalfa, soybean meal and hay. We never use hormones
or growth stimulants, and we use antibiotics only if there’s a medical reason.

Why do you describe Roseda Beef as “natural” instead of “organic?”
Our definition of “natural” comes from the U.S. Food Safety Inspection Service. It means our
meat contains no growth hormones, artificial color or flavoring; no chemical preservatives,
other synthetic ingredients. In fact, we’re proud that, in many ways, we far exceed the
government’s definition of “natural.”

To qualify as “organic” by federal standards, we would have to feed our cattle ingredients that
have never been treated with pesticides or herbicides. Using strictly organic feed is extremely
expensive, and would require us to raise prices about 50%. We believe our natural methods
are more than sufficient to provide high quality beef at a price our customers can afford.

How long can I store the frozen beef?
If your freezer meets the temperature guidelines above, you should be able to store Roseda
Beef as follows:
Ground Beef: 9-12 months
Roasts: Up to 12 months
Steaks: Up to 12 months

How should I defrost the beef?
Ideally, we’d prefer that you keep the beef in its original wrapping, and move it to your
refrigerator. Defrost times are as follows:
Large roasts: 4-7 hours per pound
Small roasts: 3-5 hours per pound
Steaks and burgers: (one inch thick) 12-14 hours
If you’re pressed for time, however, you can:
1) Place the sealed vacuum pack in a sink filled with cold water. (Make sure the package is
still watertight!)
2) Remove the beef from its package and microwave it on the “defrost” setting.
Please note: We do not recommend thawing beef in your microwave or at room temperature.

What if my order arrives partially thawed? Is it still good?
As long as the beef is cool to the touch, everything should be fine. You can freeze or
refrigerate your beef until you’re ready to eat it. If it’s warm to the touch, however, contact us
right away.